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“We’ve been using the services of TEAMINGS for several years.  I have always felt that our representative had our best interest in mind.  With great products, quick response and friendly staff, you can’t go wrong!”

– Henrietta Nye, Principal
Keir Educational Resources

“Working with TEAMINGS has not only met but exceeded my expectations.  The dedication and support to our account has been unparalleled.  I can honestly say that TEAMINGS outshines all others in the business by making the customer their main focus, top priority, and taking pride in the work.”

– Kerin Strader, IT Operations Manager


We make remote training meetings successful.
  • Truly engage your attendees.
  • Go beyond just a powerpoint and average audio conferencing.
  • Mimic the classroom environment online to decrease the learning curve.

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We make remote sales meetings successful.
  • Help sales teams close more deals with technology they’ll actually use.
  • Effectively manage, motivate, and train your remote sales force through web conferencing.
  • Conferencing that is easy to use and access.

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We make remote marketing meetings successful.
  • Intergergrate with webinars and webcasting with your current marketing tools.
  • Deliver best in class multimedia communications.
  • Generate better leads with webinars, webcasting and more.

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We make remote meetings successful.
  • Make remote meetings as effective as in-person meetings.
  • Drive revenue with remote meetings.
  • Increase usability with the right tools at the right price.

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Human Resources

We make remote HR meetings successful.
  • Use your travel budget on the right candidate.  Face-to-Face screening via video lets you do a thorough screening before committing your travel dollars.
  • Make onboarding across multiple locations a breeze.
  • Explore virtual job fairs to get more candidates in your funnel with better interaction metrics.

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IT Professionals

We make remote meetings successful.
  • Work with solutions that can offer fixed predictable costs
  • Enterprise level support with response guarantees
  • Satisfy your workforce while not stressing your IT environment

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Meeting Planners

TEAMINGS helps meeting planners create truly successful events
  • We’ll get you the best venue at the best price, free of charge.
  • We’ll engage the best speakers for your objective.
  • We’ll help you build your corporate event or incentive meeting plan to achieve your goals, all while stretching your budget.
  • We’ll make sure your attendees have the best experience possible.
  • We’ll be the one-point contact for all stakeholders to ensure a successful meeting.
  • We specialize in Hybrid Events.


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