Unique for a reason

TEAMINGS’ objective-focused meeting technology and services evolved from BridgeOne Global Solutions, established in 1999.

As the name suggests, BridgeOne’s goal was to connect two worlds: meeting/event hospitality and emerging meeting technology. The company’s headquarters embodies that goal. Austin, Texas is a technologically forward-thinking city that’s been “deep-fried” in southern hospitality.

The founding partners, hotel/resort and hospitality professionals themselves, built a team of meeting management and technology experts with varied backgrounds, from software/hardware to entertainment, development to marketing… Fast forward 15 years and BridgeOne had fine-tuned its focus, zeroing in on connecting clients with their meeting objectives to create more effective meetings.

By aligning each unique objective with the optimal meeting technology and/or venue to help achieve it, BridgeOne facilitated an increasing number of successful meetings. Participants became objective-driven team members and the concept of “teamings” emerged, along with the name.

Today, with the leadership of the original founders, TEAMINGS meeting technology products and services continue to blend technology and humanity. TEAMINGS’ approach to effective meetings stems from a fundamental understanding of the current business environment:

• expectations of performance that will ensure ongoing profits and growth
• rapidly accelerating technological advances in communication
• often under-defined objectives
• frequently underutilized human resources – motivation, knowledge, know how and experience

Our services and products are designed not only to help the host clarify his/her meeting’s objective, but also to tap into the participant resources by which that objective will be achieved. We view every meeting as a potential stepping-stone to broader goals and, ultimately each business’ mission and future.

Successful meetings are certainly a part of that future. See how TEAMINGS envisions the years ahead. Contact TEAMINGS to find out how our services and products can be a part of your company’s present or call 866.278.9040.