With the rapidly accelerating advances in meeting technologycommunication, hybrid meetings that combine hotel/resort venues with video and web conferencing are a present-future phenomenon. What else do we foresee in the future of successful meetings, both for our industry and our company?

• Two to five years from now. Teamings will continue to be the go-to for conferencing services, professional meeting management enabling our clients to harness under-utilized human resources – motivation, knowledge, knowhow and experience. Our track record of successful meetings will impress, thanks to our focus on the meeting objective combined with our ability to customize advancing meeting technology, meeting facilitation and supporting hospitality.

Technological advances will allow Teamings to facilitate successful meeting access with a broader range of mobile devices from virtually anywhere.

• 10 years from now and beyond. Meeting technology will take web and video-conferencing to a three-dimensional level. Hosts and participants will enjoy interactions in a variety of identities and locations in virtual reality.

Teamings will lead the conference services industry with our objective-focused approach to effective meetings that generates maximum productivity from all these interactions to fulfill our clients’ immediate and longer-term goals.