6 Ways to Turn Your Sales Team’s Cell Phones into Sell Phones

Remove sales barriers and limit excuses to close more deals with mobile conferencing apps

turn sales team's cell phones into Sell Phones

As a Sales Leader, you are well aware that an optimized mobile sales force can deliver significant productivity improvements. Teamings believes that the right mobile conferencing app can help. A recent study found that mobilizing a sales team can:

Increase up-sell rates by 8.2%

Increase cross-sell rates by 16.9%

Reduce the sales cycle by 9.5%

A good mobile conferencing app can empower your sales force to go mobile, gain flexibility and increase productivity. We might not have the power to teleport, but a mobile meeting app is the next best thing. Mobile conferencing solutions allow sales people to be at their desks while on the road. So instead of driving all the way back to the office for an audio conference with a remote client, they can conduct a successful meeting wherever they are.

Here are just few reasons why you should get your team to download your meeting technology service’s mobile app:

Easily join a meeting on the go- Clients and salespeople alike can join a meeting with one click via a mobile phone or tablet – no need to dial long 1-800 numbers and passcodes to enter. This allows sales staff to focus on their pitch, not the logistics of the conference call.

Full featured host controls keeps everyone on track for a successful meeting- Today’s mobile meeting apps allow users to fully control the conference call from their phone or tablet. They can see who’s on the call, who is speaking and where strange noises are coming from. They also have the power to mute a speaker, lock the meeting and create breakout rooms with an easy to use interface.

Connect with people who matter- Users can easily add new people to a conference call by either dialing them in or asking the operator to connect them.

Share sales decks from anywhere – Imagine the power of being able to share a professional sales presentation from a gas station parking lot. Users can easily present files from their smart phones and tablets. No matter where your team ends up, they will have the tools they need to get the job done.

Get support when things go wrong – Connecting on a mobile phone can be tough. Issues that are beyond your control are easily remedied by the conferencing provider. With one click, you can contact support in the background of a meeting and have almost any connection problem solved quickly.

Never miss a thing – It’s hard for people to take and keep track of notes on the go. The ability to easily record any meeting from a mobile conferencing app allows your sales team to refer back to a meeting so they can make sure they deliver exactly what they promised.

Most conferencing providers have mobile apps your team can download for a more effective mobile workday. If yours doesn’t or if they don’t work like they should, contact Teamings . We’ll align you with conferencing solutions that help to optimize your mobile workforce.


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