What kind of meeting should I have?

When planning a meeting, a lot of people don’t even ask this question. And they really should. They fall back on habit and conduct meetings in a way that they feel most conformable or have the most experience. You’ve always used audio conferencing, so whenever you run a meeting you get everyone on the bridge. … Continued

How to Choose the Best Web Conferencing Solution for Your Sales Department. Part 2;Questions You Should Ask When Buying a Web Conferencing Solution;If you are using Web Conferencing for large groups, you could save money and time.

An in-depth web conferencing comparison and buying guide. So you’re looking to buy the perfect web conferencing product for your sales team?  You’ve come to the right place!   This series of posts was designed with you in mind.   Start with Part 1. 

Questions You Should Ask When Buying a Web Conferencing Solution

Buying web conferencing software can be a daunting process. Meetings are important. Companies invest time and money into meetings because the outcome of meetings can be so much greater than the resources put into a meeting – the next great idea – the next big client – the plan that will generate more revenue – … Continued

Important Business Meetings Need Great Venues

The Power of a Good Resort  Choosing the right venue for an off-site meeting, incentive program or event is a difficult process. The wrong venue can ruin an otherwise well planned event. The right venue can create an environment where ideas flow, culture is nourished and goals are achieved. Why then do so many meeting … Continued

11 Reasons why your most important meetings should be held in-person

The power of human contact Here at Teamings we love technology, especially meeting technology. Audio conferencing, video and web conferencing has come a long way and we look forward to every new development that will help create more effective meetings. But one thing remains clear, face-to-face meetings are still the most powerful way to meet.

Making Audio Conferences More Secure

Do you think about the security of your business meetings? How important is security to your business? Imagine all the sensitive details disclosed on conference calls about your company’s finances, the launch of a new product, the hiring of a top executive, and even some marketing meetings. In an age where corporate espionage is a … Continued

The Most Important Conference Call Tool Most People Never Use

Another way you can make your conference calls more successful I know a lot of people struggle with managing audio conferences. I see this struggle everyday as I work with our clients to improve their meetings. They complain that they feel blind and they have no control.

9 Ways to Increase Webinar Engagement

Attendee engagement is critical if you want your webinar to attract new clients. Engagement can mean different things to different people, depending on their meeting’s objectives. For these purposes, I define meeting engagement in webinars as attendees actively listening/watching and participating in the webinar. How do you turn attendees into active participants? To increase webinar … Continued

8 Ground Rules for Successful Conference Calls

One of the best ways you can ensure your audio conference or conference call is a success is to provide an upfront contract, of sorts, to the attendees. This, along with a sharp meeting objective and well- thought out agenda, is an essential step in meeting prep. An Upfront contract establishes the ground rules for … Continued