Free Power Point Jeopardy Game Download for eLearning

Jeopardy-Template-DownloadMany of our corporate training clients are looking for more ways to engage their online learners.  As you probably already know, fun is a key element in learning.  For the old and young alike, fun makes learning and remembering easier.

It’s simple science.  When the brain has fun, it releases a chemical called dopamine. Dopamine makes your brain feel good and it’s central to the learning process.  Whenever the Limbic system detects dopamine, it takes note of whatever lead to that good feeling and looks for ways to duplicate that experience.  When the brain has fun, it remembers.  

Training through technology gives you lots of opportunities to have fun. Unfortunately, many of those opportunities take time to develop and cost a good deal of money.  Having fun isn’t as simple in online training as it is in the classroom.

In the classroom environment, having fun is as easy as setting up a game with note cards and printouts.  Here at TEAMINGS, we are always looking for ways to mimic the classroom environment in elearning.  That’s why we created this free editable game of jeopardy.

Simply download the template and add your own categories, clues, and answers. Then, upload it into your favorite learning environment for a fun and engaging way to help participants retain important information.   


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