How sales leaders can lead teams better with web conferencing

Sales Leader Web ConferenceAs a sales leader, you know what pay-time is. It’s when your sales reps are working with customers and selling to prospects.   A sales manager’s pay-time is the time they spend leading their team. It’s the time you spend moving the needle forward, coaching and helping them to be better sellers.   Or, maybe your worst fear, it’s the time you spend holding them back.

So how do you lead your team? What medium do you use to get your message across? Let’s say you have a disparate team; one scattered across the country.  In order to lead, you first have to jump onto a web conference. You show PowerPoint presentations, go over reports, try to probe people, etc.    But you find that you are doing most of the talking. You sense barriers that are making it difficult for you to lead your team.

–       People are late

–       They are having trouble connecting

–       You don’t feel like they are engaged

–       Coaching and collaboration is a struggle

You end the call wishing you could have done your meeting face to face.  It’s so much easier and you have better results when you are all in the same room.


Your objective here was to effectively lead your team so that they could be better sellers.  If this was your experience, you failed to meet that objective.

And what’s keeping you from achieving your objective? Your web conferencing platform.

It has failed to meet your expectations.

It has removed the human component from your meetings.

It has created barriers to your success.

Fixing this issue is a lot easier then you might think.   All you have to do is find a meeting medium that brings the human component back into your team meetings in a way that is simple to use and easy to access.

Here’s what you need:

Face-to-Face Video Streaming (web cams/ video conferencing / etc. )

You need to see your team when you lead them. You need to see their facial expressions.  You need to know that they are paying attention and that they understand what you are saying.

You’ll be amazed at the increased level of engagement that comes with face-to-face video conferencing.   But be careful when selecting a service with video conferencing. Many conferencing products add video conferencing on as an afterthought and the feature becomes too cumbersome to use.   Others have great video capabilities but are overly complex for standard team meetings and coaching sessions.  The key is to find a product that has great video but is also easy to use and access.

Easy to Use

You need a meeting medium that works for the type of meetings you want to have.  Coaching meetings and team meetings are not about presenting. Salespeople don’t want to be talked to; they want to collaborate.  So you don’t want a web conferencing solution that only does Power Point presentations.

You need a platform at easily allows you to upload documents, presentations, videos, and more into the room.

You want to be able to effectively take notes and email them out to everyone.

You want simple controls that don’t complicate your meetings.

Easy to Access

Salespeople are often very busy. They go from meeting to meeting, without a lot of time in between.   Many salespeople are also very mobile.  So, you need a web conferencing solution that removes barriers and allows your sales people to access the meeting room without any trouble. You also need your web conferencing solution to work well on mobile devices.

Your online meeting room should have it’s own unique URL; one you can use anytime you’d like.    There are no excuses.  Your weekly team meetings and one-on-one coaching meetings are always located at the same URL.  You don’t have to schedule meetings or create links.  It’s there for you when you need it.

The virtual meeting room should be able to dial-out to the participants.  This makes entering the meeting room fast and easy.  They go to the URL, enter their phone number and their phone rings. Just like that, they are in the meeting.

All of this should be just as easy to accomplish on a mobile device as well.

So think back to you last team meeting via web conference.  Was there a lot of chatter?  Were people engaged? If not, you have a problem – one that a different web conferencing solution could solve.

Vetting and demoing various web conferencing platforms can be time consuming and frustrating.   But with a free Conferencing Consultation with a TEAMINGS Productivity Officer, you’ll be able to find the best medium for you web meetings quickly and easily.





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