How to fix audio issues with Skype for Business (Lync Online)

Skype bad audio"Skype for Business works great, except when I really need it to…"

Microsoft® Lync® Online is now Skype for Business. The Office 365 solution is a fine web/video conferencing product (if it works to help you meet your objectives, of course). 

  •  It has a familiar interface that’s pretty easy to use.
  •  It provides detailed status information, which can be viewed by others with notifications from                 multiple devices.
  • The platform offers many helpful features such as video and content sharing, inking, whiteboards,         notes, the ability to record meetings and much more.
  • And it’s all integrated with Office 365 products like I.M. and Outlook.

But that doesn’t mean Skype for Business customers won’t be without frustrations.  In fact, they aren’t all that different from the frustrations they had before with Lync. 

  1. Choppy VoIP audio quality
  2. Connecting to mobile phones is inconsistent
  3. Calls dropped due to internet connectivity
  4. Inability to connect with external participants
  5. Ineffective meetings caused by communication challenges
  6. Lack of real time support when audio issues occur.

All of these frustrations have one thing in common. Audio.  Skype for Business struggles to provide reliable audio for remote communication.   This is a big problem considering that the most important aspect of any meeting is:

The spoken word.

If you’re in a remote meeting and the screen share fails, you can go on with the meeting. 

If the bandwidth can’t handle the video stream, you can go on with the meeting.

If the whiteboard stops working, you can still go on with the meeting. 

If you forget your charger and your laptop dies, you can still call into a meeting. 

But if you can’t hear the people in the meeting, you CAN NOT go on with the meeting.  It’s over. It’s failed. 

Everything else you can overcome. It’s not convenient. It’s not easy. But it’s possible. It is not possible to meet without being able to hear.  You could be a smart a –*ahem* alec and say something like, “Unless you know sign language and the video is still working.”  But don’t get caught up in unlikely situations here.  For the most part no audio = no meeting.   

Audio, above all else, needs to work in your meetings. And Skype for Business falls short.

Luckily there is an easy solution. It’s called integrated audio and it literally removes all of these frustrations with seamless, reliable integration. 

  • Crystal-clear audio quality
  • Mix PSTN dial-in (you call into the meeting via telephone), dial-out (the meeting calls your telephone), and VoIP calls can all happen in the same meeting with easy dial controls.
  • Reduced audio latency globally – Thousands of international access points.
  • Native to Skype for Business for scheduling and meeting experience, no matter how your audio is connected.
  • Connect with anyone who has a phone, easily.
  • International dial-in numbers are available.

So if you love Skype for Business, but are sick of dodgy audio, request a free conference consultation.  A TEAMINGS Productivity Officer can help you set up a solution that works with your current investment to make it even better!


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