What kind of meeting should I have?

When planning a meeting, a lot of people don’t even ask this question. And they really should. They fall back on habit and conduct meetings in a way that they feel most conformable or have the most experience. You’ve always used audio conferencing, so whenever you run a meeting you get everyone on the bridge. … Continued

How to Increase Productivity in 2015

Are you trying to be more productive in 2015?  Be sure to use some tips from the infographic below as you plan for success.  Also, remember productivity isn’t only about you.  Truly productive leaders know how increase productivity with effective teamwork. 

How to meet successfully with a busy client

Make your meetings matter Clients are the lifeblood of your company. Their satisfaction – or lack thereof – can mean the difference between profit and loss for your company. That’s why you do your best to make them more successful and show them that your services are valuable.

Are Your Meetings an Expense or an Investment?

Most people view meetings as expenses. This is quite unfortunate when you look at the definition of expense – “the cost required for something”. If your meetings are simply a cost required for ‘something,’ then you are in a world of trouble- You’re just having meetings to have meetings and we all know what a … Continued