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Planning a web meeting but overwhelmed or confused by the web conferencing solutions available? Ideally, web conferencing services allow you to engage your participants and achieve your web meeting’s objective with the powerful capability to share interactive media as part of your presentation, collaboration or training. Teamings aligns you with the best web conferencing services and tools: fully featured, intuitive, and easy to use.

Take advantage of our Concierge Service  of meeting facilitation specialists when you need to be laser-focused on your objective. With Teamings assisting in the background during your web meeting, the attendee, presenter and host experience is optimized to promote success.

 investor or corporate updates, project assignments and progress reports, marketing strategies, creative concept development, education, HR interviews.


RELIABILITY: 99.999% guaranteed.

ON-BOARDING: as much training/coaching as you need to maximize your comfort level with a new web conferencing technology platform and minimize the drain on internal resources or distraction from your objective.

SCHEDULING: with one click through Outlook, Google or other calendars, or simply use the link from your last meeting.

MOBILITY: connecting from a computer, tablet or smart phone; no downloads for attendees. Access should never be a reason to miss a web meeting.

AUDIO INTEGRATION: one click to have the meeting call your attendees (no passcode needed) or they can join through VoIP.

VISUAL INTEREST: customizing/varying layouts to support the dialogue, sharing webcam views or video in HD quality.

SUPPORT: operator assistance via online chat and/or phone.

ANALYZING ENGAGEMENT: measuring participation, tracking progress and assessing effectiveness.

REPEAT BROADCAST: recording and editing your web conference.

STORAGE: managing and storing files in your web conferencing account included at no cost.

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