At TEAMINGS, we’re obsessed with your meeting objectives and determined to exceed expectations.

The basis for what makes TEAMINGS different from other conference services is taking the time to fully understand your meeting objective. It allows us to become a member of your team, contributing industry knowledge and partner relationships, along with meeting technology products and hospitality experience.

As we help you focus on your meeting’s objective, we provide the support you need to achieve it:

• a dedicated meeting management account team
• customized pre-meeting coaching and post-meeting evaluation
• easy-to-use remote meeting software and tools with a nearly
100% guarantee of uptime (on-call tech support if needed)

Our commitment to responsive meeting services and support minimizes problematic distractions. TEAMINGS also takes pride in being able to cut companies’ previous conferencing costs. Our proven track record? At least 20% savings.

But the bottom line is really value.  Not only are the objectives you achieve worth much more than the cost of TEAMINGS meeting services, but they can also have a domino effect:

Meetings > teams (teamings) > rewarded by management > working better together > more objectives achieved

To learn more about the TEAMINGS difference and how it can make your meetings truly productive, contact TEAMINGS online or call 866.278.9040