What Does TEAMINGS Do For Investor Relations?

When your company’s reputation and capital is on the line, you want to ensure your meetings achieve their desired results. These interactions are often the opportunities you have to build trust with your investors. Delivering accurate and timely information to your investment community in a professional, problem-free environment is key.

TEAMINGS makes your analyst or investor meetings, earnings calls and other remote interactions productive.

A productive investor interaction accomplishes its goal – its objective.

At TEAMINGS, we ask our clients -“What are your desired results?”

Other meeting service providers won’t ask you this question. They are too focused on the features their products offer. They show you how their one-size-fits-all meeting solution can work for you. They promise good meetings, free of problems. But they don’t care about the results of your meetings or that you meet your meeting objectives. TEAMINGS does.

As you plan your investor relations meetings, TEAMINGS will help align your participants with custom meeting facilitation & optimization services, including ;

• needs-specific technology management
• unlimited software training and 24/7 support
• complimentary quarterly pre-conference coaching
• and more!

That’s what makes TEAMINGS different. We help you bring together people in remote locations as if they were sitting around the same table – we turn isolated groups of people into teams.

Let us find and combine the meeting technology products and tools best matched for achieving your meeting objectives from our vast array of meeting solutions;
• webcasting
• audio conferencing
• web conferencing
• video conferencing
• events and incentives

Work with TEAMINGS and you’ll see the value we bring to your meetings. We’ve helped hundreds of companies just like you transform unproductive investor relations meetings into productive meetings. Our methods are field tested and ready for you to reap the rewards.  We know that the tools needed to accomplish your meeting objectives are unique to your company- to your goals- to your people. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution when you’re building a business and your company’s reputation or capital is on the line.

Benefits of working with TEAMINGS include:

• Allow investors to connect with ease. Our Productivity Officers can set you up with a solution that is easy to use and access without downloads.
• Easily record web and audio conferences.
• Avoid technical issues with 99.999% guaranteed reliability.
• View participants and manage Q&A with easy host controls. Involve investors, analysts and employees around the world without increasing your budget.
• Enjoy the unique TEAMINGS experience: your own Productivity Officer, dedicated to helping your organization achieve its meeting objectives.
• Improve communication with your key investors by meeting regularly with ease.
• Add professionalism, accountability and hospitality to your calls with veteran even mangers who bring together everything you need – event management, web streaming, recording, transcription and reply.
• Never miss a word with high quality audio.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us or call us at 866.278.9040  today and we’ll find the features you need to make your meetings truly productive.