What Does TEAMINGS Do For Your Organization’s Meetings?

TEAMINGS makes meetings productive.

It’s not enough to have the technology that allows you to connect with people remotely. It’s not enough to have meetings free of tech problems. As an IT professional, technology performance is a must. Productive meetings go beyond reliable technology, they deliver results.

Meetings don’t accomplish goals. Technology doesn’t fulfill objectives. Teams do.

We’ll find and combine the meeting products, technology and tools best matched for achieving your meeting objectives, so that you can focus on more important things;
• webcasting
• audio conferencing
• web conferencing
• video conferencing
• events and incentives

TEAMINGS’ unique process gets results because we focus on what really matters – how to turn a group of physically separated people into an objective driven team.

When you work with TEAMINGS the technology disappears. Your company’s teams get the opportunity to accomplish their goals. You don’t have to worry about their constant technical problems.

TEAMINGS is different because we help IT professionals bring together a remote team as if they were sitting around the same table. We take the focus off the technology needs so that participants can focus on meeting objectives.

You get enterprise level support on every product we recommend. Your IT department has enough to deal with, let TEAMINGS find a conferencing solution that will deliver results and decrease IT’s workload with an easy to use and access communications solution.

We’ll help align your participants with custom meeting facilitation & optimization services;
• needs-specific technology management
• unlimited software training and 24/7 support
• complimentary quarterly pre-conference coaching
• and more…

Benefits of working with TEAMINGS include:

• Be confident in world-class security, whether you’re a large enterprise or a small business.
• Experience high quality collaboration software without consuming huge amounts of bandwidth from your network.
• Be more than a voice on the other end of the line. Communicate more effectively using HD video to have face-face conversations.
• Easily integrate collaboration solutions into your existing business infrastructure.
• Rest assured that your organization will be effectively on-boarded with as much training as your admins need.
• Enjoy the unique TEAMINGS experience: your own Productivity Officer, dedicated to helping your organization achieve its meeting objectives.
• Avoid technical issues with 99.999% guaranteed reliability.
• Never miss a word with high quality audio.
• Easy to access 24/7 support right from the platform lets our team help with your workload.
• Minimalize troubleshooting issues with simple to use and access collaboration tools.
• Work from anywhere with free mobile apps and call managers
• And much more!

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us or call us at 866.278.9040 today and we’ll find the features you need to make your meetings truly productive.