What Does TEAMINGS Do For Sales Meetings?

TEAMINGS makes your remote sales meetings productive.

Our definition of a productive meeting isn’t a meeting free of technical issues. Sure, it’s great to have but it’s not productive. What good are problem free prospect meetings if they don’t close deals? A meeting that doesn’t produce the desired results has failed – even if it was free of technical problems.

As a sales professional, you have bigger things to worry about than technical difficulties. Your time is better spent networking with leads and sharpening your meeting’s objectives.

It’s not enough to have technology that allows you to connect with people remotely. It’s not enough to have meetings free of problems. You want results.

At TEAMINGS, we ask our clients,  “What are your desired results?”

Other meeting service providers won’t ask you this question. Their focus is on the features they offer. They show you how their one-size-fits-all solution can work for sales meetings. They promise good meetings free of technical problems. But they don’t care about the results of your sales meetings. TEAMINGS does.

Work with TEAMINGS and you’ll see the value we bring to your meetings. With TEAMINGS, your sales team could be closing deals quicker and with better conversion ratios. Our methods are field tested and ready for you to reap the rewards. We know that the tools needed to accomplish your meeting objectives are unique to your company- to your goals- to your people. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.

That’s why we are called TEAMINGS. We help you bring people together, no matter where they are located, as if they were sitting around the same table.

Sales teams benefit from working with TEAMINGS in the following ways:

• Enjoy the unique TEAMINGS experience: your own Productivity Officer, dedicated to helping your organization achieve its meeting objectives.
• Avoid technical issues with 99.999% guaranteed reliability.
• Never miss a word with high quality audio.
• Increase the effectiveness of your sales demos with high quality presentations, file sharing, video streaming, screen sharing and video chat.
• Connect with your mobile workforce with free mobile conferencing apps.
• Schedule and join meetings with one click access using a computer or mobile phone.
• Deliver instant ROI by reducing travel expenses.
• Allow clients to connect with ease. Our Productivity Officers can set you up with a solution that is easy to use and access without downloads.
• Impress clients with a reliable tool with an innovative look and feel.
• And much more!

At TEAMINGS, we help sales professionals keep the attention on your sales goals and business objectives, not the meeting technology. We’ll find and combine the meeting technology tools best matched for achieving your meeting objectives from our vast array of meeting solutions;
• webcasting
• audio conferencing
• web conferencing
• video conferencing
• events and incentives

We’ll help align your participants with custom meeting facilitation & optimization services;
• complimentary quarterly pre-conference coaching
• unlimited software training and 24/7 support
• needs-specific technology management
• more

With TEAMINGS’ custom meeting facilitation & optimization services, your sales meeting will benefit from our;
• quarterly pre-conference coaching at no cost to your sales team
• unlimited meeting software training and 24/7 support
• needs-specific technology management
• more

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Have more questions on how TEAMINGS can partner with your sales team to create truly productive meetings? Contact us today!