What Does TEAMINGS Do For Remote Training Sessions?

TEAMINGS makes your training meetings productive.

When you’re setting up and facilitating remote training sessions, you know that it’s not enough to just have technology that allows you to connect with people remotely. It’s not enough to have meetings free of problems. Your company and your clients want results.

At TEAMINGS, we ask our clients, “What are your desired results?”

Other learning environment providers won’t ask you this question. Their focus is on the features they offer. They show you how their one-size-fits-all training solution can work for you. They promise good meetings free of problems. But they don’t care about the results of your training sessions. TEAMINGS does.

That’s what makes TEAMINGS different. That’s why we are called TEAMINGS. We help you bring together a remote group of people as if they are all sitting together in the same classroom.

We’ll help align your training session participants with custom meeting facilitation & optimization services;
• complimentary quarterly pre-conference coaching
• unlimited software training and 24/7 support
• needs-specific technology management
• more

Work with TEAMINGS and you’ll see the value we bring to your training sessions. Our methods are field tested and ready for you to reap the rewards. We’ve helped hundreds of trainers just like you transform unproductive training sessions into productive, engaging e-learning environments.

We know that the tools needed to accomplish your learning objectives are unique to your company- to your goals- to your clients- to your students. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.

We’ll find and combine the tools best matched for achieving your meeting objectives from our vast array of meeting solutions;
• webcasting
• audio conferencing
• web conferencing
• video conferencing
• events and incentives

Benefits  of working with TEAMINGS for your e-learning needs include:

• Increase engagement with Q&As, chats, surveys and polls.
• Easily create games and quizzes with templates.
• Leverage current resources by converting old PowerPoint presentations into dynamic e-courses.
• Deploy training courses faster with easy to use and access content building software. Make changes to courses easily and publish to the cloud for widespread access.
• Enjoy the unique TEAMINGS experience: your own Productivity Officer, dedicated to helping your organization achieve its meeting objectives.
• Avoid technical issues with 99.999% guaranteed reliability.
• Never miss a word with high quality audio.
• Report metrics by customizing event registration, track qualifying questions, measuring attendance and engagement during training and integrate to your LMS system. Immerse students in engaging live and on-demand learning using breakout rooms and taking advantage of behind the scenes coordination.
• Never work within the confines of the technology. Create custom learning environments with ease. Be more than a voice on the other end of the line. Communicate more effectively using HD video to have face-face conversations.
• Enable mobile learning with platforms that work on virtually any device.
• Rest assured that your organization will be effectively on-boarded with as much training as your trainers need.
• Easy to access 24/7 support right from the platform lets our team help with your workload.
• And much more!

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us or call us at 866.278.9040  today and we’ll find the features you need to make your meetings truly productive.