Video Conferencing – Communicate face-to-face without leaving your office.

Yes, you can be in two places at once with video conferencing. Now this meeting technology is more readily available, thanks to global bandwidth expansion and better compression technologies.

Speaking of video conferencing technologies, what are your options and how do you choose the right one for your team? Turn to Teamings, your expert meeting advisor.  We can put the right video meeting technology to work for you, to:

•  equip your group’s desktops and mobile devices
•  build video conferencing suites around the world
•  provide the most intuitive, full-featured meeting software

Then take advantages of the efficiencies of video conferencing:

•  no travel expense or time
•  capacity to train more employees, meet with more clients, interview more candidates…
•  cost-effective, frequent face-to-face video meeting contact to reinforce relationships and improve employee morale
•  reduced carbon footprint

Recent studies show video calls are more focused and productive than in-person meetings, helping you achieve your meeting’s objective.

SAMPLE VIDEO MEETING OBJECTIVES: Reporting, Product Demos, Education, Training, Recruiting, HR Interviews, Client Meetings

RELIABILITY: 99.999% guaranteed.

ON-BOARDING: as much training/coaching as you need to maximize your comfort level with a new video conference technology platform and minimize the drain on internal resources or distraction from your meeting’s objective.

SCHEDULING: with one click through Outlook, Google or other calendars, or simply use the link from your last meeting.

MOBILITY: connecting from a computer, tablet or smart phone; no downloads for meetings attendees. Video teleconference access should never be a reason to miss a meeting.

AUDIO INTEGRATION: one click to have thevideo conference connect your attendees (no passcode needed) or they can join through VoIP.

RICH MEDIA: customizing/varying layouts to support the dialogue, sharing webcam views or video in HD quality.

SUPPORT: operator assistance via online chat and/or phone.

ANALYZING ENGAGEMENT: measuring participation, tracking progress and assessing your meeting’s effectiveness.

REPEAT BROADCAST: recording and editing your video conference.

STORAGE: managing and storing files in your video conferencing account included at no cost.

For more information and pricing on our video conferencing services and technology, contact Teamings or call 866.278.9040.