Create engaging virtual environments without the travel

Reach wider audiences while increasing engagement through the most promising webcasting services and tools in the industry. Conduct hybrid in-person + virtual webinars and meetings with maximum impact. Our specialized Event Services team of meeting facilitation specialistsensures your webinar’s success with pre, during and post-webcast support.

SAMPLE MEETING OBJECTIVES: effective product launches, investor or corporate updates, training and development (Human Resources), corporate celebrations, Town Hall community discussions.

WEBCAST CAPACITY: no limit, usually 100 or more attendees.

RELIABILITY: 99.999% guaranteed.

SECURITY: secure webcast log in-capabilities and infrastructure design with intrusion detection and prevention. SOP’s for log review and scanning, personnel security, physical security and more.

CUSTOMIZED EXPERIENCE: all the features that will support your webinar’s objective with the interface branded in your company’s style.

MEDIA RICH: crystal clear webcasting presentation audio, video and slides streaming to your attendees. Imagine an entire panel of experts speaking live to your audience.

TECHNOLOGICAL EASE: no downloads necessary for your webinar  attendees, no need to worry about users getting into the meeting. For those with slower connections we align solutions that automatically will adapt to the attendees connection.

GLOBAL REACH: supporting up to 17 languages with close captioning for 150 languages.

DETAILED ANALYTICS: tracking attendance, demographics and engagement during the presentation. Our engagement index empowers your organizers to define criteria to score attendee engagement, content, and overall meeting success.

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