Turn your phone into a collaboration machine

Looking to run an effective teleconference or audio conference? Bring your team together faster and more effectively with next-generation meeting technology that’s reliable, secure and easy to use. The audio conferencing technology available today incorporates robust host controls that allow you to schedule (one click) and manage a teleconference call from a tablet, smartphone, or computer interface with customized billing.

Our specialized Event Services team of meeting facilitation specialistscan help you achieve your meeting objective with pre-call support for scheduling and customizing entry; during-call help with introductions, QA, attendee greeting and managing tasks such as recording, polls, muting and behind-the-scenes communication between leaders; and post-call attendee and outcome data collection. Let TEAMINGS help you run a more effective meeting with the right audio conferencing or teleconference services.

Successful audio Conferencing with TEAMINGS

SAMPLE MEETING OBJECTIVES: investor or corporate updates, strategizing, project planning assignments and progress reports, creative concept development.


RELIABILITY: 99.999% guaranteed.

SECURITY: multiple levels to stop unintended callers from joining audio conference.

ADMINISTRATIVE ACCESS: through one hub that is intuitive enough for you to manage all your company’s audio conferencing accounts.

CUSTOMIZED EXPERIENCE: branding your settings on all of your teleconference call accounts.

LIVE OPERATOR SUPPORT: at any time during your call.

RESERVATION-LESS SERVICE: an always-available number, set exclusively for you, for audio conferencing calls anytime, from anywhere, with anyone.

OPERATOR-ASSISTED SERVICE: hands-on call management while you to focus on your objective.

GLOBAL CONNECTIONS: the highest quality access points in 80 countries, with consistent numbers set with international support.

DIAL OUT: the meeting calls participants, no passcodes required.

NO ROLL CALL: identifying who is actually in your call, as well as recognizing who is speaking (or where noise is coming from).

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