Meeting Facilitation & Optimization Services

Teamings understands productive meetings and offers the meeting facilitation and optimization services necessary to make meetings more effective. Depending on the value of a meeting’s objective (which usually far exceeds the cost of the meeting), you may want to take advantage of optional Teamings guidance through our specialized meeting facilitation and optimitzation services. You can contract for additional pre, during and post meeting facilitations designed to:

• hyper-define the meeting’s objective, increasing the probability of achieving it optimally
• identify participants who can contribute the most toward achieving the objective
• prepare participants to make the most effective contributions
• guide participants, during the meeting, to contribute as members of a team working toward the objective
• ensure that the “owners” of the objective can effectively implement it

To find out more about how these meeting facilitation and optimiztion services can optimize a meetings’ success, contact Teamings or call 866.278.9040.