What Does TEAMINGS Do For Marketing Meetings?

TEAMINGS makes your marketing meetings, webcasts and webinars productive. We understand how much you’re responsible for as a marketing professional. TEAMINGS wants to make your job easier by helping you plan and carry out productive meetings.

As a marketing professional, you know that your company invests a lot of resources into meetings, webcasts and/or webinars. But do you know why?

Remote meetings, webcasts and webinars allow people the chance to get together to accomplish important outcomes for your company. These outcomes mean more to your company than the cost of meeting – collaborating to come up with the next big marketing strategy, convincing prospects of your company’s desirability through engaging webinars, successfully launch products with virtual events, etc

Desired results mean more profit for the business – greater R.O.I. These outcomes can’t be achieved without bringing together the specific knowledge, skills and resources embodied in certain people – whether that be your creative team, your co-workers, your clients or your market.

Meetings and virtual events that don’t produce desired results waste company time and money.

That’s what makes TEAMINGS different. That’s why we are called TEAMINGS. We help you bring people together as if they were sitting around the same table – so you get better results.

Marketing requires a lot of communication. Whether you’re collaborating internally, creating content, presenting press releases, managing relationships, meeting with vendors or all the above, work with TEAMINGS and you’ll see the value we bring to your marketing meetings.

We’ve helped hundreds of marketing managers just like you transform unproductive meetings into productive meetings. Our meeting optimization methods are field tested and ready for you to reap the rewards. We know that the tools needed to accomplish your meeting objectives are unique to your company- to your goals- to your people.

We’ll find and combine the tools best matched for achieving your meeting objectives from our vast array of meeting solutions;
• webcasting
• audio conferencing
• web conferencing
• video conferencing
• events and incentives

We’ll help align your participants with custom marketing meeting facilitation & optimization services, including;
• complimentary quarterly pre-conference coaching
• needs-specific meeting technology management
• unlimited software training and 24/7 support
• and much more!

Benefits include:

• Expedite the product to market process with project meetings, internal trainings, feedback gathering and media conferences.
• Increase marketing meeting engagement with Q&As, chats, surveys and polls.
• Avoid technical issues with 99.999% guaranteed reliability.
• Never miss a word with high quality audio.
• Stay on deadline by meeting with vendors more frequently.
• Generate leads with quality, easy to use and scalable webinars and webcasts.
• Report metrics by customizing event registration, track qualifying questions, measuring attendance and engagement during webinars and upload to your CRM system. Collaborate virtually with your team using high end streaming video, file and screen sharing.
• Enjoy the unique TEAMINGS experience: your own Productivity Officer, dedicated to helping your organization achieve its meeting objectives.
• Easily capture meeting discussion points with an in-meeting note tool that easily integrates with Evernote or e-mails participants.
• Be more than a voice on the other end of the line. Communicate more effectively using HD video to have face-face conversations.
• And much more!

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us or call us at 866.278.9040  today and we’ll find the features you need to make your meetings truly productive.