How to Build Better Client Relationships Remotely

In his book, What’s the future of Business: Changing the Way Businesses Create Experiences, Brian Solis explains how you can harness the power of experience design to grow your business.   By designing an innovative user experience, you can improve business performance, increase engagement and create better relationships with your customers and prospects. In short, business … Continued

How to Advance Your Career with Successful Meetings

What’s the best way to advance your career?  Simply, it’s to find out what your boss or their boss wants and exceed their expectations. One way to do this is to become a successful meeting expert. The ability to successfully manage a meeting is rare.  Who among us hasn’t been to a horrible, boring, unproductive … Continued

Why Effective Meetings are Worth Much More Then They Cost

Between face-to-face briefings, audio conferences, web conferences and webinars, most people experience unproductive meetings on a weekly basis.  This is because so many are ill planned, mishandled, and pointless.  People call them when they don’t need to – wasting the time and resources of their co-workers, clients, partners, stakeholders and vendors.