How to Build Better Client Relationships Remotely

In his book, What’s the future of Business: Changing the Way Businesses Create Experiences, Brian Solis explains how you can harness the power of experience design to grow your business.   By designing an innovative user experience, you can improve business performance, increase engagement and create better relationships with your customers and prospects. In short, business … Continued

How to Choose the Best Web Conferencing Solution for Your Sales Department. Part 2;Questions You Should Ask When Buying a Web Conferencing Solution;If you are using Web Conferencing for large groups, you could save money and time.

An in-depth web conferencing comparison and buying guide. So you’re looking to buy the perfect web conferencing product for your sales team?  You’ve come to the right place!   This series of posts was designed with you in mind.   Start with Part 1. 

How sales leaders can lead teams better with web conferencing

As a sales leader, you know what pay-time is. It’s when your sales reps are working with customers and selling to prospects.   A sales manager’s pay-time is the time they spend leading their team. It’s the time you spend moving the needle forward, coaching and helping them to be better sellers.   Or, maybe your worst … Continued

6 Ways to Turn Your Sales Team’s Cell Phones into Sell Phones

Remove sales barriers and limit excuses to close more deals with mobile conferencing apps As a Sales Leader, you are well aware that an optimized mobile sales force can deliver significant productivity improvements. Teamings believes that the right mobile conferencing app can help. A recent study found that mobilizing a sales team can:

How to meet successfully with a busy client

Make your meetings matter Clients are the lifeblood of your company. Their satisfaction – or lack thereof – can mean the difference between profit and loss for your company. That’s why you do your best to make them more successful and show them that your services are valuable.