What kind of meeting should I have?

When planning a meeting, a lot of people don’t even ask this question. And they really should. They fall back on habit and conduct meetings in a way that they feel most conformable or have the most experience. You’ve always used audio conferencing, so whenever you run a meeting you get everyone on the bridge. … Continued

Pros and Cons of Online Meetings for Employee Training

Web based training or eLearning is increasing in popularly and for good reason.  There are many benefits of training employees online but there are also limitations.  Here’s a review of eLearning Pros and Cons and some ways you can make the Cons disappear.   

How to Advance Your Career with Successful Meetings

What’s the best way to advance your career?  Simply, it’s to find out what your boss or their boss wants and exceed their expectations. One way to do this is to become a successful meeting expert. The ability to successfully manage a meeting is rare.  Who among us hasn’t been to a horrible, boring, unproductive … Continued

Questions You Should Ask When Buying a Web Conferencing Solution

Buying web conferencing software can be a daunting process. Meetings are important. Companies invest time and money into meetings because the outcome of meetings can be so much greater than the resources put into a meeting – the next great idea – the next big client – the plan that will generate more revenue – … Continued

Why Effective Meetings are Worth Much More Then They Cost

Between face-to-face briefings, audio conferences, web conferences and webinars, most people experience unproductive meetings on a weekly basis.  This is because so many are ill planned, mishandled, and pointless.  People call them when they don’t need to – wasting the time and resources of their co-workers, clients, partners, stakeholders and vendors. 

Important Business Meetings Need Great Venues

The Power of a Good Resort  Choosing the right venue for an off-site meeting, incentive program or event is a difficult process. The wrong venue can ruin an otherwise well planned event. The right venue can create an environment where ideas flow, culture is nourished and goals are achieved. Why then do so many meeting … Continued